Movie Challenge

So i will try to get to maybe half these movies before the end of this year. I will try to get the images of the ones i have seen and will try my best to write up reviews about them. Here we go.

Time- Seen
Kiss Me, Kill Me- Seen
Bestseller- Seen

The Night Before the Wedding
A Millionaire's First Love- seen
Once In a Summer-seen
The Boy from Ipanema
Failan- seen

Perfect Partner

Perfect Number

Very Ordinary - seen
Two Weddings and a Funeral
Cheaters- Seen
My Lovely Week
Just Friends- seen
577 Project
Detective Mr Gong
A Day with My Son
Wedding Dress
High Heels
Love Me Not
Hello Murderer- Seen
The Peach Tree- seen

White Night
The Huntress
Cold Eyes
Grandma Gangsters- seen
Miracle in Cell No7
In Love and War
The Fortune Tellers
Secretely, Greatly- seen
Sky and Ocean
Private Eye
Princess Aurora
The Man From Nowhere- seen
Mr Socrates
Man in Love- seen

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