About Me

Annyeonghaseyo, Nae ileum- eun Lucy.

Okay i'm Lucy and i started this out of sheer boredom. Got out of college in june, 2012 and have been applying to different grad schools. Waiting sux.. But any who, i figure i'd find something to do besides work and watching dramas. I love pictures. If there aren't pics in a post i usually get bored of it. Ugh And here i am. Mega easy to get along with like you have no clue.  And just like that i'm your friend lol. I try to keep a smile on my face most of the time cos happiness is infectious.....well to the right people. If you haven't guessed it...

Juicy bits about moi. I love experiencing different cultures love it, love it, love it. I moved to the United States of America at the age of sixteen and have been here ever since. Learnt how to drive here and everything. I am a Shopaholic there i said it. Don't have a problem buying but at the same time not a hoarder. I think i got it from my mom. She buys so much and gives away so much so her's is evened out. Mine is basically the same butt i tend to buy more than i need. 
80's baby and a Libra awesomeness all around. 
Drexel '12

 Major- Business Administration/ Marketing
MBA '15

Learning Korean....yup it's tuff. Shoes and purses and perfumes and make up, food to the daily annoyance pretty much where most of my money goes haha and that's what i blog about. The dominant theme here is dramas but other thing will pop up here and there.  Kpop and kdramas???

You so don't wanna go there with me. My obsession level is so deep that my eonnie has just accepted the fact that she might have to parcel me to S Korea sooner than she hopes lol. My love for BigBang, Super Junior and Shinhwa can't be compared to anything. I so so love them. Oh why do they have to be so damn sexy?? My madness is subject to change without notice so...yea there you go


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