Just Between Lovers

By Lu Ci Ga - 6:51:00 PM

OMFG i don't know how i can actually put my feelings about this drama on here lol. Its is one of the best dramas i just completed. I'm so sad the drama has ended, it was worth every episode. All 16 episodes kept me on my toes. Where do i begin? Okay here we go...

To begin this drama started off by giving me "My Love Eun Dong" feels. I shipped my couple right from episode one. Before the roller coaster of emotions began. Junho's acting gets an A+ from me because he sold the character and ultimately became my new crush. I loved him before in his band but this role has amplified the love lmao.
The drama is about how these characters each deal with pain, loss and life in general after an accident that affected pretty much every one in the drama. I love how the actors were able to sell each character and make you feel every emotion they were conveying on screen.

It has your romance, bromance, evil characters that aren't really evil just misunderstood, melodrama and the light hearted comedy thrown in.

Now you know how much i love my kiss scenes lmao... there were a couple of them. Even though they were not as intense as i expected, each one had a meaning and you could feel it through the screen.

All the actors were great and there are some take away OSTs. I'm definitely recommending this drama to anyone that need to be in their emotions and needs a good cry here and there. Viki subbed it so it'll be easy to find.

Go watch it if you haven't and enjoy every moment and tear you shed. Happy Viewing.

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