In The Mood for a Marathon this Winter???

By Lu Ci Ga - 3:30:00 PM

If you're looking for a drama to just help you relax and unwind...well i have a list for you. These dramas i really enjoyed watching. They made me feel good because the story lines were pretty chill. Some of them you'll probably have to look up on the internet but they are all marathon worthy. The casts in all the dramas are ones you know and get you nicely in the feels.

20th Century Woman
I started this drama by accident. When i started it was already 21episodes in. I had work the next day and but for some reason i was drawn by the drama. Before i knew it, i was on episode 14 in one sitting.

The heartwarming romantic comedy is about the friendship and love lives of three single virgins born in 1983. Their romantic lives begin when the boy they liked in their youth shows up one day. They live in Oksu-dong in rundown apartments, and the warm human drama will be about neighborly affection, and the meaning of home, family, and friendship.

Revolutionary Love
Super Junior's Choi Siwon and Kang So Ra. This is a light hearted drama nothing too serious if you want something to just tide you over. Dramafever has this subbed.

Byun Hyuk is a son from a wealthy family who runs a large company. He lives a happy life without any specific goals. He is confident around women and he is also naive, with a warm heart. Byun Hyuk begins to live in a studio in a poor area. He hides his background.
Baek Joon lives in the same area. She works part-time jobs to make ends meet. Baek Joon graduated froma good university, but she was unable to land a job at a company and started taking part-time jobs. She is positive and full of justice, but her life changes when Byun Hyuk appears.
Because It's My 1st Life

Ms Perfect aka Perfect Wife
Have you ever wished so badly for the death of a character in dramas????? Welp this one will get you to the point of frustration where you're like "WHY THE FUCK ISN'T SHE DONE YET" "CAN SOMEONE RUN HER OVER.........NOW"

A middle-aged Ajumma, Shim Jae Bok, who rediscovers herself and her inner feminine strength in the face of hardship. She’s the type of person who cannot ignore injustice and is revolted by condescending pretension. Despite hating false flattery to her core, she grits her teeth and bows her head to the people who think they are her social superiors because she wants the best future for her family. After living so long as a wife and mother to her two children, Shim Jae Bok has neglected herself to the point where she’s almost lost her sense of self. When she becomes involved in an unforeseeable incident, she learns to regain her identity and fall in love again.

Strongest Deliveryman

Chemi chemistry keeeeeeeeemmmmmiiiiiiii Gawd Damn it. Dramafever has this drama subbed.
The chemistry between the lead is fucking electrifying and is high key goals as fuck. I ship them to the moon and back. I started watching this drama because of the lead guy. He was in reply 1988 and Chicago Typewriter.

Plot Choi Kang Soo is a deliveryman. In spite of his humble beginnings, Choi Kang Soo is fearless and gives it all in everything he does. Lee Dan Ah is another delivery worker. She hates her current socioeconomic status so much that she, like many young people, calls her country “Hell Joseon.” Lee Dan Ah is so focused on making money and changing her life that she has no time for men. Butwhen she comes across the charming Choi Kang Soo, her attitude is due to be moved.
Together, Choi Kang Soo and Lee Dan Ah have a budding competition and romance in their quest for glory. And, for them, glory means being like rich folk Lee Jin Yoon and Oh Jin Gyu. They compete to conquer life but, as our two delivery workers soon learn, being the strongest does not guarantee sucess.

Took me a while to get into this drama and the fact that it was 18 episodes kinda wasn't as enticing but I got through it and here's  what I think of it. The point of this drama snuck up on me and by the end it all made sense. This is available on Netflix.

Plot The series tells the story of a grim reaper named 444 who is also known as Black, a woman called Kang Ha Ram who can foresee death, a detective, and the son of an important businessman. Together, they stumble upon mysterious murders that link back to a 20-year-old murder case of a prostitute. Black and Ha Ram go against the rules of the heavens and fight to save someone’s life and discoverthe truth about what happened 20 years ago.

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