The Bride of Habaek Final Review

By Lu Ci Ga - 11:45:00 PM

I am struggling to put my thoughts down without getting mad. If this isn't the biggest flop of the year then i do not know what is. Man the magnitude of flop this drama has managed to attain id fucking epic....
Shin Se Kyung i honestly thought her acting had gotten better boy was i wrong. She has struck again and has succeeded in making yet another drama an EPIC FALIURE. Why is it so hard for her to form some kind of chemistry with her co actors???? And trust me the actors in this drama are some pretty well known ones too but her being the lead man really messed the whole drama up.

This is like the third drama she has messed up for me and i tried stuck through this drama because of the lead (i just happen to love his work and he's foine as hell lmao). Back to the disaster that is this drama. All the other actors really tried and i swear they tried to make this drama make sense. Even with the cast SSK managed to make this another flop for the books.

This drama being a TVN production i expected a lot from it since they advertised it as another "Goblin" and y'all know goblin was freaking awesome and each episode kept you on your toes and messed with your feels hard. This one eh not so much...while watching this i had the tingling feeling to fast forward every scene especially the ones with SSK.

Here's a not to casting directors...DO NOT CAST HER IN ANYTHING HENCE FORTH. Your drama will drag like melted cheese and your storyline will pretty much go to shit. She even made the OST annoying like how in the hell does one manage that????

Im done with just amazed at the fact that i finished this. I'll say it's out of loyalty to Nam Joo Hyuk. Even Yang Dong Geun couldn't save this and he's bae. Any whoooooo i would NOT recommend this drama to anyone UNLESS you are having problems with insomnia then here you go..THE ULTIMATE CURE FOR THAT.

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