LookOut aka The Guardians

By Lu Ci Ga - 12:03:00 PM

Wawuwawu wawa wuuuuu.... is this drama frigging great or what???? Lee Shi Young really made this drama for me. But that ending tho????? There are spoilers in this post.
With 32 episodes total and all being 30 minutes each blah blah blah.. you know the deal. This drama's ending really has me feeling some type of way because it's open.

So main dude we all like Jang Do Han, in the final episode he jumps off the building with that demented child of the evil guy that was running for office. Both Do Han and the boy ended up in a coma.. at the hospital we hear his brother saying Do Han will not make it through the night and that's then end of that.

Fast forward to 1 year later, everything is moving fine but we do not see Do Han or the demented boy and we d not hear about them. My thing is did Do Han survive? Because the lookout team was functioning just fine and we got some flash backs of Do Han.

The evil boy on the other hand, his mother goes to visit his dad in prison....yea he got his. The fact that he's in prison for all the murders he ordered and all the other bad things he did plus living with the fact that his son was a murderer is justice enough for me. I just want to know if the boy died too since the mom was wearing black when she visited her husband in prison.

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