Kim Sun Ah is BACK!!!!

By Lu Ci Ga - 9:51:00 PM

Oh yesss she's back and who's excited????? Me of course lol
The woman that made me stick to dramas and my all time favorite Korean Actress....this woman KSA. I have been waiting for her return to the drama world since her last drama i do i do. Even though to some people the drama tanked i actually liked it. Plus the ost is gold. She delivers life in her kiss scenes just fyi. No dead fish pauses with her.
Well she's back in a new drama called The "Masked Prosecutor" and you can watch this gem at viki baby. The cast too is just fantastic i mean you have Joo Sang Wook, freaking Hong Seok Cheon and bae Uhm Ki Joon who wan in My lovely Sam Soon with KSA.
The synopsis of the drama is "During the day, Ha Dae-Cheol is a righteous prosecutor, but at night he wears a mask and seeks to punish those that the law could not. Yoo Min-Hee is a female detective in charge of the violent crime division".
So if you don't know who KSA is... let me introduce you to her and some of her works that are dear to my wittle heart. I am a fan of hers and have seen every drama she has been in since 2005 along with some of her movies. I swear you can't go wrong with a drama as long as she's in it. I think she has been in dramas with damn near every Korean actor ajussi i have crushed on *blushes*.
Outside dramas and movie, she's know for her epic weight loss. She was kinda chubby, Korean equivalent of fat and she lost it all and became even hotter....yasssss. In their faces.

These dramas can be found at +DramaFever and viki  The first drama i saw her in was Scent of a Woman and that's all it took for me to fall in love with her. The rest is history...i shall list the names of the dramas on the poster.
My Lovely Sam Soon aka My Name is Sam Soon
City Hall
I Do, I Do
Scent of a Woman

When at Night
 I hope you enjoy her dramas and fall in love with her like i did and i promise you will not regret it at all.


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