Cruel City ep17-18

Some of us are expecting extensions and the rest of are just hoping that all our questions will be answered in the final two episodes. I for one just don't want paksa to die. I mean he's the whole story.

The reason i kept watching this drama.
This has to be one if the best dramas this year. We still don't know who Pusan is. Safari finally sees that paksa and his crew were not really out to get him.
So Mi OMG i really wanted to slap her and i still do she's a thorn in my side. She will not just listen to anyone basically she is doing what the team leader was doing in the beginning that made me hate him but he has seen the light
Can't she see that the feeling is mutual between her and Paksa??? Even if he killed your "sis" (not really related) it makes no sense to get revenge because it will not bring her back and you'll loose a man thats oh so loves you.
They almost has this guy then he escapes and is trying to kill paksa or make a deal with him I can stand him why isn't he dead yet....he needs to be out of the picture. The cops had him...
Then safari got him...
Chairman Jo needs to go too. The corruption chain is so long. I' just hoping for a nice ending.
 So i'm keeping this short because i do not want to make any assumptions and be totally wrong but i'm still suspecting cute ajussi.

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