Cruel City aka Heartless City 5-10

By Lu Ci Ga - 5:16:00 PM

Tell me why my friends and i are just enamored by the sexiness that is Paksa Adeul (Doctor's Son). He is a good guy/ bad guy. Good guy meaning he is in fact a cop which we established at the end of episode 4 and a bad guy meaning he's deep in the drug business.

The friendship between himself and the man whore (Soo who i just happen to love) of the drama is just fantastic. I just hope his friend is not killed off.
 So far the goal is to get Pusan and his guys but clueless on the other hand is pissing me off because he is on some ish trying to get Paksa Adeul because he thinks he killed his girl friend.
Okay action packed and guns blazing. I love how people are offed left and right and is not slowly dwindling. Every episode there's a new lead and the story just keeps getting better.
I just love Soo
Safari is really pissing me off. How dare he touch our Paksa Adeul and Soo??? He dared to touch that's a major fuck up talk about pissing Paksa off... Is he mad?? We basically find out that he's under someone else who has him by the balls and he keeps fucking up. I can't wait for our Paksa to
kick his ass. Safari's side chick who keeps cutting people needs to be offed she has gotten quite enough air time in my opinion.

ROMANCE......i called it. I totally shipped Paksa and Soo Min since the corner store incident. Ugh my feels they look so good together.

Where paksa messed up was when he left her money...mega insulting but i still ship these two. He did come to save her when the deal she was supposed to carry out turned sour and everything was called off. Basically Safari ordered his people to take care of her and our dear old Paksa saved the day....ugh man after my heart..:)
Episode 10 ending what is that supposed to mean, Safari is a cop my ass i dont believe it for one second.

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