Queen of Ambition (Yawang) Finale

By Lu Ci Ga - 11:43:00 AM

So here's the gist of what's happened. Joo Da Hae is one calculating bitch. Like she is not willing to give up for anything in the world. He will rather die than to step down willingly.
After her daughter's death i thought okay so her evil ways have actually hit home and she will therefore realize all she has done really isn't worth it.

Not this chick, her daughter's death was a passport for her to get higher.

So after all her wrong doing and all the deaths she caused, I still cant believe all Ha Ryu did was because he loved her.

All in all Joo Da Hae had a hand in her daughter's death, Ha Ryu's brothers', and her husband's death.

She did everything and anything to get to the top and eventually she got to be the first lady (President's wife). I really dont know how that came to be. I felt hood winked when that happened. I kept asking myself how did this just happen.

Her step brother finally learnt the truth of his father's death and how Joo Da Hae killed him. He got his revenge by running her over but dumb Ha Ryu was there to take the hit with her.

She apologized to Ha Ryu and eventually died which is the part i hate. She got the easy way out. She should have been disgraced and thrown in jail but then she might have plotted a way out.

This drama succeeded in putting me on my toes the whole time with the suspense, the building hatred i had for Joo Da Hae and all her plotting. The little bit of comedy in the drama helped. This is overral a good watch if you like revenge dramas.

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