Queen of Ambition (Yawang) Ep 1-8

By Lu Ci Ga - 7:45:00 AM

 After procrastinating and putting off this drama i finally decided to make time for it. Any time there is a fantastic kiss scene in a drama at the beginning just be prepared for the worst. Case in point Chakan Namja (Innocent Man), Iris, I Need Romance cant remember any more :).

Ha Ryu/ Choi Kang Chan

I embarked on this with a  clear mind not really expecting it to be really deep but ya i was wrong. Now i'm stuck with it. I have to see it through if not it will eat at me.

Baek Do Hoon
I am now up to date on this drama and i perplexed at the amount of emotion it's bringing out of me. I dont know who i am rooting for.

At first i was totally for Joo Da Hae and Ha Ryu but then all the thing s he went through just to help her go through college, covering up the murder and just being with her i really commend him for being a stand up guy. I mean he was used and abused just for feed her hunger for lord know what.  He basically saved her, took her in and took responsibility for her and gave her a family. Just to make it and be rich Joo Da Hae is willing to step on any one. She finally leaves him and their daughter to pursue money and leech off a rich family.
Joo Da Hae
Yang Taek Bae

I understand her having a dream and not wanting to continue a life of poverty, but why did she have to have a family and then abandon them???

On the other hand i am totally shipping Joo Da Hae and Baek Do Hoon .

 Why you may ask??? 

They are cute together and at the same time for the comment his mom/sister made in the beginning when she thought Da Hae was moving in on her son about her being a gold digger i want her to dig the hell out of that family. Baek Do Hoon seems ehh to me. He's cute but his total submission and wanting to please Da Hae i believe will be his down fall if he doesn't wise up. I really hate her character now. After all she has done, yup i officially HATE Joo Da Hae.

Hoeing for tuition
Baek Do Kyung

I was heart broken when Ha Ryu found out his daughter died, That scene made me cry buckets. Kwon Sang Woo's acting in that part was Daebak. They just had to kill that adorable little girl. It is perfectly understandable because Ha Ryu was still willing to forgive her and the show needs something stronger to fuel his anger towards her. Not only did Da Hae send Ha Ryu's ass to prison, her neglect caused the death of their daughter...Are you kidding me????

Joo Yang Heon
Now she's basically trying to get protection from her step brother after killing his dad. PS: her step brother is totally sexy. His sexy shows up in ep 8. In the other episodes he was always in a hat and covered up but in ep 8 he is wearing the hell out of that suit and his jaw line.......crushing hard.

Sexy step brother

After ep 8, i thing i will totally ship Ha Ryu and Baek Do Hyung (U-know's Nonna/ Mom). Even though he will approach her as a means to get to Da Hae.

Lovable Ajumma

The ost is really good. Ailee- Ice Flower 얼음꽃

What we know so far after ep 8.

  • Ha Ryu has a twin who is looking for him
  • Ha Ryu is about to be released from prison
  • Ha Ryu will be going after the Nonna
  • The druk aunt ( sill dont know her story)
  • Da Hae is getting under my skin ( still love Soo Ae)
  • Do Hoon is beefing with his Nonna/ Mom because she tried to get rid of Da Hae
  • The step Brother is smoking HOT (Lee Jae Yoon )
  • Step Brother is hot
  • Did i mention he was hot???
  • Yang Taek Bae is a cool brother
  • The Master in prison love him
  • The Ajumma who's Ha Ryu's adoptive mom totally love her.

Can't Wait for the next episode

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